1957 La Dawrie Custom Q.T. – 1957 VW Karmann Ghia Chassis.

$ 14,950

VIN: Titled as 1957 VW Karmann Ghia
Mileage: Low
Color: Red/White
Engine: VW Air cooled High Performance 1500
Trans: 4spd Manual
Options: Large amount of new and rebuilt parts included..inquire please
Condition: Partly dissasembled for completion of Build/Restoration

We love the rare and unusual, be it production automobiles, motorcycles, kit cars or home builts. With our 1957 La Dawrie Q.T./Karman Ghia with a ‘50s customized body and unusual hydraulics, rare is hardly the right word. One-off, one of one might be a better description. Note photos show car as  it looks before we sold the car and our customer partly took it apart for professional restoration and updating..See this rare car in our Carnation showroom/
We have included a brief history of the La Dawrie custom bodies below. Here are a few choice details about this car. Perhaps most importantly, it runs and drives very well! The warmed over VW engine moves this lightweight car down the road, with good handling and braking. The La Dawrie Q.T. body has been cleverly customized, with a 1955 Packard Clipper the inspiration for the rear tailfins (with actual ’55 Clipper Taillamp lens), and the unique, 1957 Packard Hawk design clearly visible in the nose and even the rear end treatment. I can see a little early Corvette rear end and Devin or Ferrari 250 GTO in the front end. In the true spirit of custom car builders of this era, the car has unique, electric motor actuated front suspension/ride height, hood and rear engine lid, the later utilizing '50s passenger car convertible top motors! The quality of the fiberglass custom work is done to a very high standard, the the La Dawrie body is in excellent condition, with little cracking or flaws. The chassis and drivetrain are tried and true VW Karmann Ghia. The car is titled as a 1957 Karmann Ghia.

This car was recently purchased by Giordano's Vintage Motors, after comming out of storage since the 1980s. We are discussing the completion of the interior, dash and light paint restoration as needed. This car runs and drives very well, is incredicbly rare, and is for sale.

La Dawri History: The LaDawri Q.T. Custom & larger, Conquest was designed and built by Les A. Dawes of British Columbia, Canada and is recognized as Canada’s first fiberglass sports car. The Conquest was first shown at the Pacific International Exhibition at Vancouver Canada in 1956 as the Cavalier. Original plans were to create a complete sports car for sale and distribution throughout the United States and Canada. The body itself is fiberglass and was designed to take a wheelbase of 100 to 104 inches and a tread of 56 to 58 inches. This covered Corvettes, Thunderbirds, and the like of the day. However, within a year, the car, family, and company moved to Long Beach California where production began and the car debuted on the front cover of Road &Track in July 1957. From this point forward, the car was known as the “Conquest”. Soon, Dawes expanded both the number of designs available and the sizes of each design
as well. New models included Quest Q.T., Daytona, Sebring, and Del Mar.